Open Journal Systems

This is an Open Journal System managed by Postgraduate Programme of Universitas Negeri Medan. It is a system for setting up and publishing journals and websites. It covers all aspects of online journal publishing, from journal website creation to operational tasks such as author submission, peer review (editing), editing, publications, archives and journal indexes.

Journal of Transformative Education and Leadership

Journal of Transformative Education and Leadership (JTEL) is a peer-reviewed journal that is hosted by Postgraduate Programme of Universitas Negeri Medan. It is a multi-disciplinary international journal for those who are interested in education and educational leadership. This journal was formed in response to the vision and mission of the Postgraduate Programme of Universitas Negeri Medan  and other challenges, such as: how research may predict or suggest a way to fulfill the needs of society; the impact of industrial revolution 4.0 with 21stcentury’s competencies; new literacy concern; big data; human resources; rapid development of information and communication technology; etc. The term transformation used in the name of this journal emphasizes the desire for changes through education and educational leadership which may allow us to improve our society towards a better one. This transformative concern is an anticipatory step in education to encounter all those challenges from 21stcentury and industrial revolution 4.0. Hopefully, this journal may become a medium for sharing and disseminating brilliant ideas that have been developed through inspiring research or critical thinking.

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